PECRON E600LFP-Small Size, Large Capacity

PECRON E600LFP-Small Size, Large Capacity

In the selection of product power, PECRON has a wide range of product lines, from light to heavy electricity use can be easily matched to the corresponding portable power station and its supporting products. Among them, PECRON E600LFP porable power station is popular among novice campers and users of light weight travel.


E600LFP has very smart new technology, can Intelligent over-power use, through intelligent buck drive, can over-power use, load some 2000W appliances

E600LFP is compact and lightweight, only the size of a basketball. Folding carry handle, not only in the trunk does not take up space, but also can be loaded into the backpack. Equipped with self-developed true dimension-enhancing drive technology, rated at 1200W, intelligent ascension can drive 90% of common electrical devices below 2000W, which can cater to the demand for electricity in emergency situations in most cases. E600LFP has 614Wh of power storage, which can charge cell phones 45 times, cameras 17 times, and 100W car refrigerators for 7 hours ...... At the same time, the E600LFP uses safe fast charging technology, the mains power can be fully charged in just 3.3 hours; when charging with two 200W solar panels, it can be fully charged in 1.5 - 2 hours. In addition, you can also use car charging, generator and other forms of charging, forming a good electricity closed loop and provide green power for outdoor activities continuously.


And E600LFP power station 230V specification  is also available in the EU.


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