How the Ukraine Crisis impact the energy industry?

How the Ukraine Crisis impact the energy industry?


Over the past two decades, the Ukraine issue has always been the focus of mutual cooperation and struggle between Russia and the EU, and this Ukraine crisis is a "new fermentation" of this "old issue". Ukraine crisis creates uproar in world energy markets due to Ukraine's key geopolitical location and natural gas transportation hub status


Energy Prices Surge Amid Ukraine Crisis

Russia is one of the largest oil and gas suppliers in the world, and Europe relies on Russia for around 40% of its natural gas supplies. Energy prices increased by 13% after Russian President Vladimir Putin declared a "Special Military Operation" in Ukraine. The crisis in Ukraine has also been felt in households across the U.S. as oil prices surge above $100 a barrel for the first time since 2014.



Renewables: The Way Forward

If we switch to clean energy such as solar or wind energy system, it can save households thousands of dollar each year. This is not a fantasy — it’s the future we are heading toward. As clean renewable energy and storage displace fossil fuels in powering everything we do. This clean energy revolution is already engaging most nations, and with green energy, countries big and small, rich and poor, can all access a future of cheaper cleaner energy from wind and the sun.

pecron E3000 portable power station


Rely on fossil fuels are unstable and costly in many ways - for our wallets, for our health and for our climate. Rechargeable with plenty of power sources, Pecron portable power stations can be charged in many different ways, whether it is from a regular wall outlet at home, a cigarette socket lighter in a car, or from a solar panel. You can always embrace the convenience of the clean energy that the Pecron have bought to you


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