PECRON E1500LFP Power Station is the Most Cost-effective?

PECRON E1500LFP Power Station is the Most Cost-effective?

As PECRON's new main model, E1500LFP is equipped with all the cutting-edge technologies in the energy storage industry, including fast charging, connectable cascade expansion batteries, remote control via APP and more. With 2200W high power output and 1536Wh high capacity, can expandable 2 EP3000-48V up to 7680Wh.
it is able to meet most common power needs. LiFePo4 Battery with 3,500+ Life Cycles to 80%.


In terms of charging, E1500LFP supports five charging modes, which can be selected from utility power, solar panel, car charger, 100W car charger and generator charging according to the usage scenarios. Built with bi-directional inverter and PECRON's self-developed U-balanceself safe fast charging technology, the E1500LFP can be charged to 100% in only 1.8 hours for utility charging; built-in MPPT solar charging module can be fully charged in 3-3.5 hours with 700W solar panels in good lighting conditions; you can choose to use the car charger to charge the E1500LFP on the way. 


In terms of functionality, the E1500LFP supports the expansion of the host's original capacity based on cascading power packs, up to two EP3000-48V power packs can be cascaded, capacity expansion to 7680Wh, to better meet the long-term outdoor, outdoor work, family energy storage and other greater demand for electricity. The E1500LFP has rich output interfaces, supporting 7 output modes and 13 output ports, namely: AC output, DC12V output, 12V30A output, cigarette lighter output, USB-A output, USB-C output, 15W wireless charger output, and is compatible with a variety of devices used at the same time, which is suitable for self-driving camping, family energy storage, fire detection, aerial photography, emergency communications and other fields.

PECRON understands the importance of quality, and always adhere to the three quality standards of sufficient quantity of real standards, comprehensive testing, comprehensive protection, each power station needs to pass 13 quality control, 221 tests before leaving the factory, and all through the UN38.3 authoritative certification, in order to protect the quality of products in all aspects.



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